Day Rafting Trips


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Wet n wild (Kaudiyala to Rishikesh)

Road Distance - 35 kms.
River Distance - 30 kms.
Timings - 4/5 hrs. approx. (including driving)
River Grading - II – IV

(Presently this trip has been stopped by Government)

Get Wet (Marine Drive to Rishikesh)

Road Distance - 26 kms.
River Distance - 21 kms.
Timings - 3/4 hrs. approx. (including driving)
River Grading - II – III

White Water Magic (Shivpuri to Rishikesh)

Road Distance - 16 kms.
River Distance - 12 kms.
Timings - 2/3 hrs. approx. (including driving)
River Grading - II – III

Family Rafting Trip ( Brahampuri to Rishikesh)

Road Distance - 10 kms.
River Distance - 07 kms.
Timings - 1/2 hrs. approx. (including driving)
River Grading - I – II

You are not allowed to do rafting, if you have:-

  • Asthma, Recent surgery and any operation which is dangerous for rafting
    Any heart problems or diseases
    Severe blood pressure both low and high
    Any allergic reaction ( bee sting, hay fever, asthmatic etc.)
    If you carry an Epi-Pin, be certain to bring it in your day pack.
    Pregnancy We request you to be very honest and clear with your any medical and physical problems. Rafting is not an amusement park, there are lot of things which are out of human control.